Michael Bilokonsky- Ducati vs. Harley Davidson: Two of the World’s Most Iconic Bike Brands

( Newswire.net — January 21, 2021) — When it comes to a battle of the brands, the Ducati and the Harley Davidson are perhaps the motorcycle world’s best opponents. Both have passionate followers with each camp adamant about its superiority. But which brand is the true king?

Michael Bilokonsky is a passionate motorcycle enthusiast . He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and later attended West Virginia University. He then settled in Kentucky where he is currently the President and CEO of his own company, Whitehorse Freight. In his spare time, Bilokonsky enjoys everything motorcycle culture has to offer: from long rides on the open road to lively discussions surrounding bike brands and their benefits.

The Benefits of Both Brands

When we asked Bilokonsky about the best motorcycles available, he told us it really depends on what you’re looking for in a bike and what your goals are. If you’re more of a cruiser, you might already be considering a Harley Davidson, which is well known for its heavier and more comfortable designs. If you’re looking for speed and agility for a commute or fun on the track, you might already be considering a Ducati for its sportier reputation.

Both manufacturers produce top-tier vehicles, says Bilokonsky. Their reliability, brand recognition, and pricing are pretty well on par. While their specialties differ, the truth is that they are both exceptional vehicles. Perhaps their largest commonality is the loyalty of their customers and rider bases. Harley Davidson, based in Milwaukee, welcomes thousands of motorcyclists from around the globe to their museum and manufacturing facilities every year. Ducati’s following also makes pilgrimages to Bologna, Italy, where the company is based. Each group even goes by similar nicknames: “Ducatistas” and “Harlistas” respectively.

Like with many other rivalries, Harley Davidson riders and Ducati enthusiasts are equally convinced of the superiority of their brand. Finding a rider who lives in both camps is pretty rare, says Bilokonsky. Yet, unsurprisingly, both brands have taken a shot at creating a bike outside of their comfort zone, he explains. For example, Ducati has produced bikes such as the Scrambler 350 and Monster 696, which are heavier, slower bikes than their usual oeuvre. Similarly, Harley Davidson has tested the sporty waters with models like the FXDR 114 and IRON 1200. Evidently, each brand recognizes the thriving market the other lives in and has attempted to take a slice of the pie.

In 2017, reports of Harley Davidson making a bid to purchase Ducati started making in the industry. Of course, the move would have diversified Harley Davidson’s portfolio and attracted more business in Europe with Ducati’s powerful yet sleek designs. The potential sale was initially floated as a way to offset the cost of Volkswagen Group’s diesel-emissions cheating scandal, but was quickly decided against due to worker opposition and other factors. While the merger never came to fruition, Bilokonsky is convinced that it demonstrates the equality between brands and a mutual respect between the companies.

No matter which camp you live in, Ducati or Harley Davidson, Bilokonsky believes you have it right. While one brand is better known for its reputation on the race track and the other for its comfort on the open road, both brands are the best in their fields. They are also conscious of the comparison, having both attempted to create models that cater to the other side. While a merger in the near future is unlikely, Bilokonsky acknowledges that such a marriage would be both contentious and fascinating. In the spirit of friendly competition and good business, he is sure we can expect continued quality and innovation from each brand.

Originally published at https://newswire.net on January 21, 2021.

I am the CEO and President of Whitehorse Freight, a company I launched on November 2nd 2015.

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