Whether you drive for a living or you drive your car to work and back every day, you undoubtedly had to face some severe weather conditions that had put your driving skills to the test. One thing is for sure, you would always want to stick to the driving speed recommended for that type of road and that weather.

Michael Bilokonsky is the CEO and president of Whitehorse Freight. His lifelong work revolves around trucking, logistics, and, of course, driving. One of the biggest challenges that drivers face, he explains, is the weather patterns on their route. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short drive or a long haul, you should always plan your route carefully and take safety very seriously. …

Waiting to service one`s bike until after an accident or malfunction means it`s too late. Taking care of a motorcycle — like any motor vehicle — requires consistent maintenance. Small business owner and avid motorcyclist Michael Bilokonsky of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, says that diligently maintaining one`s motorcycle keeps the bike in top-notch condition and ongoing maintenance more manageable. Mr. Bilokonsky shares a quick guide for motorcycle maintenance.

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Michael Bilokonsky’s Quick Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

What is Essential Motorcycle Maintenance?

Even when a motorcycle doesn`t appear to have any issues, it`s still important that owners perform regular checks on certain parts and replace fluids/filters. …

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Michael Bilokonsky on What to Wear and What Not to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle

When you are riding a motorcycle, there are some things you must wear and other things that you should not wear as a matter of safety. Both categories are critical, because ignoring personal protective equipment (PPE) or wearing certain items can increase your risk of serious injury.

Michael Bilokonsky is a small business owner and avid motorcyclist from Fort Thomas, Kentucky. He explains what you should wear when riding a motorcycle and what to avoid wearing at all costs.

What You Should Wear While Riding a Motorcycle


The surest way to become seriously injured in a biking accident is to not wear a helmet. Most states require motorcyclists to wear helmets or risk a traffic violation. Regardless of traffic laws, wearing a helmet is “Motorcyclist 101.” Even a fender-bender can cause a rider to fly off their bike and hit their head. …

Michael Bilokonsky

I am the CEO and President of Whitehorse Freight, a company I launched on November 2nd 2015.

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